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Happy New Year!!!!

I love the New Year, the reflection of the past mixed with the goals of the future. The optimistic beauty that we so sorely need in the midst of bitter cold and two more months of Winter. The thing about future goals, is that without the past, the future would not be possible. In honor of this optimistic and exciting goal filled 2018, I tip my hat to 2017. 2017, you broke my heart, challenged my patience, and witnessed my sweat and tears as I set myself up for what should certainly be a year for the books.

My 2017 timeline basically goes as follows; Break-up, tears, plans, selling of belongings, a summer in Chicago with family, travels, negotiations….then July 13th I purchased a Camper.

This is where this story starts.

At the beginning of August, after a mad-dash to get her interior painted, Oliver and I moved into our 28′ Jayco travel trailer (aka; The Lolly Wagon). Several days later, I hitched up, and moved myself, my son, our dog and cat, and all our earthly possessions back to Kansas (from Illinois). You should see the looks I get when I slide out of my truck with 30 foot of trailer behind me. I can also back this beauty into nearly any space you throw at me. Can I just have a moment here? “Hell-yeah! Girl power!!!”

I have learned so much about how a travel trailer or RV works and how to live in a small space. Despite the national obsession with tiny homes, there really is no guide to purchasing and living in a travel trailer. Nothing that tells you what to look out for, how to purchase, how your water pump works, why you need to know how your water pump works, etc. You can find all these items individually, as the need arises of course (thank goodness for YouTube and knowledgeable grandfathers and fathers) but no “how to” list in chronological order. This you must figure out as you go, as things break, and as other people point out what you are missing.DSC_3538

When I tell people I live in a camper, there is often a gap in understanding. I get the occasional “I’m jealous, that sounds awesome!” mingled with the ever present, “but why?”

We are choosing this life, for so many reasons. My hope, over time is start talking about this alternative lifestyle, to answer all the questions, and share in our triumphs and in our mistakes (yes, we are making them). Today however, I want to share our beautiful tiny space. I am slowly redoing the interior, so please first (for perfections sake) recognize that this is a work in progress. There are so many before and afters to come! In the meantime, I am tired of waiting for perfect, I am ready to share her as is!

Last week, I had  friend and fellow photographer, Leilani Tuttle, over to take documentary style portraits of us in our home. This beautiful partnership exceeded my expectations. Leilani, created pure magic! She captured us as we are and our space, well, The Lolly Wagon has never looked so good.DSC_3476DSC_3477DSC_3480DSC_3486DSC_3489DSC_3492DSC_3493DSC_3499DSC_3503DSC_3518DSC_3520DSC_3576

Check out some of the pictures while The Lolly Wagon was being painted!



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Lastly, none of this would be possible without my Mother, both my amazing grandfathers, Bill and Rod, my Dad who is always available when I need to move her or have a broken brake line, and the endless number of friends opening their doors, their mailboxes, and their arms to us. The amount of care and support I have received humbles me. I am first and foremost starting this year with more blessings than I can count.




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