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Hi, I’m Lisa Pickel, owner and photographer for Bliss Studios in Lawrence Kansas (and various traveled locations). I started Bliss Studios in May of 2014! I am a native to the lovely 27 square miles that is Lawrence Kansas, and have in some professional capacity or another photographed the people of Lawrence since I was a High School student. A good friend asked me to do her senior portraits and so I started LDPortraits, which once gained momentum became Natural Light Photography.  I graduated with a BFA in Interior Design in 2006, right at the start of a push-back in the industry, design jobs were hard to come by and even harder to keep.  Always with a camera in hand, it was a natural transition after to college to go back to my photography roots. I went to work for a national portrait chain in 2010 as a Photography Manager for the companies Kansas City team of photographer’s. Within a year I became Regional Photography Manager residing over an area spanning from Las Vegas to Cincinnati as well as shooting up to 8 portrait sessions a day. During this time, I photographed almost 6000 babies!!  Babies had certainly become my people!

I have realized over the years that my passion for photography is in the people I photograph. While I love and appreciate landscape photography, I myself, am always looking for an individual to frame in my portraits. I love the connections people make with each other, and with me, and I relish in the joy of capturing those faces and those precious moments. While I still undeniably love photographing infants, I have the great privilege of taking on whatever subject I prefer, and so I enjoy the diversity of photographing everything from events and weddings, to the birth of a new baby, to head-shots of budding lawyers. I get to share in the lives of so many families, so many birthdays, so many firsts, and I feel unbelievably humbled by this privilege.

This past year, another great change has taken lead in my life. My son, Oliver, and I have given up the majority of our earthly possessions to live in a tiny home. Rather than the expense and travel difficulty of building a tiny home, we are slowly making-over a 30 foot travel trailer. While we love our Lawrence family and will continue to be here and be a part of this community, we can’t help but feel the lure of travel, and of spending time in other lands. My blog Bliss is More shares of these adventures as well as the design fun (and challenges) of navigating our tiny space. I hope you enjoy reading of our adventures, and perhaps seeing how my design roots are creating a beautiful and minimal space to which we call home.

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